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About the Author

"In life we do no choose our suffering. Do not be dismayed, you are in control of how that suffering changes you."

Mandros - The Son of the Crown

KJ Burrage


I am an author that currently calls tropical North Queensland, Australia home. I have been developing my craft since I was ten years old. Alas, my original floppy discs from 1995 have disappeared!


I currently live with my three young daughters, a fiery red-head and identical twins. An exuberant pug-cross named Zoey and a gorgeous blue parrot called Phoenix also calls me mum.


As a little girl, I had a dreamed that I would become just like CS Lewis. When I grew up I decided I wanted to be JRR Tolkien. Now, I’ve learnt to be content with being myself. KJ Burrage suits me just fine.


I have a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education with a major in literacy and worked as a primary school teacher. Along with teaching I have also been a co-owner in my own laser engraving business, designing customised and unique giftware.


I also have a love of travelling and have been to many different countries around the world. My first overseas trip after I got married to my husband, Scott was a mission trip to Myanmar and India. India in particular is very dear to both my husband and I.

Life can be unpredictable (and unfair). After the sudden and tragic death of my husband, I returned to my passion of the written word. I first began to write picture books for my girls to help them understand and come to terms with their loss. I continued to write.


I now have my first picture book in an illustrators queue and a fantasy novel in an editor’s queue. I also have a few more projects up my sleeve!


I can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring for me.

Check out my blog. I will be recording what the journey to idea to published work is like.


If you have any questions please drop me a line. I’m always keen for a chat!

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