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Herald of the Dragon King (Book 3 of The Dragon's Heir Trilogy)

Live Valiantly. Die Honourably.


Defeat isn’t something house Pallarus is familiar with. With news of the great lords’ betrayal and the loss of the royal citadel of Pallaryn, King Kieryn must align himself with Mandros and his squadron of dragons.

Preparing for war at the dragons’ side, Jodathyn begins to understand his lineage and the ancient festering wounds of his dragon family. Learning he may have another sinister connection to Rama’s ancient enemies, he realises Galgothmeg and his Grey Shadows are a distraction. There’s another ancient force wanting to destroy Rama. And it’s coming for him.

Now more than ever, he is determined to destroy the lingering legacy of Vadroil. The return to glory for dragonkind will be paved with blood. Will Jodathyn have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his family?

Pre-order and save 10%. There is an option to buy just the final book or the completed trilogy. They are available in either paperback or hardcover formats!

Pre-order today & Save 10% Release July 9, 2023

  • Publisher: Valiant Heart Publications

  • ABN: 61 734 765 323

  • Paperback ISBN: 9780645400182

  • Hard Cover ISBN: 9780645400199

  • Release date: 9 July 2023

  • Language: English

  • Page numbers: 443

Book no.1

The Adventure Begins Here with
Son of the Crown

3DMO20220422 (17).jpg

Born under three ill omens and the shadow of his mother's troubling predictions, Jodathyn Pallarus is the unwanted son of an ancient royal bloodline. Jodathyn's determination to find purpose and meaning leads him to experiment with the ancient, forbidden power that flows in his veins.


When the young Crown Prince is kidnapped, Jodathyn is thrust into an unfamiliar world of violence and treachery. But a strange power he does not understand brews beneath the surface and he is forced to choose between his loyalty to the crown and his life.

From Jodathyn's ill-fated birth Kieryn Pallarus, the High King of Rama, has lied to protect his half-brother. The Crown Prince's disappearance has resulted in the call for Jodathyn's blood and Kieryn is forced to face the reality that he can longer protect Jodathyn. Will the High King choose to save his kingdom? Or will he choose to save Jodathyn?

  • Publisher: Valiant Heart Publications

  • ABN: 61 734 765 323

  • Paperback ISBN: 9780645400106

  • Hard Cover ISBN: 9780645400113

  • Release date: 30 August 2022

  • Language: English

  • Page numbers: 348

dragon-page-break-2 (1).jpg

Prince of Scales


Rescued from the prison ship by Mandros, the dragon of Flame and Fury, Jodathyn recovers in the idyllic Isle of Torqui. His brief respite is shattered by the arrival of Galgothmeg’s minions. Learning that Galgothmeg is in Rama, Mandros leaves Jodathyn in order to get help. But Jodathyn questions Mandros’ true motives and, desperate, he returns to the mainland to search for his missing nephew. Never did he imagine his act of rebellion would set off a chain of events that ultimately bring his secrets to light.


Born to be a soldier, Orion learned the code of honour from a young age. Now he’s nothing more than a horse thief on the run. Separated from his master, Jodathyn, he finds himself charged with the safety of the young Crown Prince. The task might very well cost him his life.


Kieryn, the High King of Rama, set out to find his missing son. Instead, he discovers the depth of the suffering of the ordinary folk in his kingdom. Realising that the great lords have lied to him from the very beginning of his reign, he knows the fight for his people is only just beginning. Meanwhile, his absence in the citadel has left Pallaryn vulnerable to his enemies.

War is inevitable.

  • Publisher: Valiant Heart Publications

  • ABN: 61 734 765 323

  • ISBN Paperback: 978-0-6454001-5-1

  • ISBN Hardcover: 978-0-6454001-6-8

  • ISBN Ebook: 978-0-6454001-7-5

  • Release date: 14 Feb, 2023

  • Language: English

  • Page numbers: 405

"There is action, adventure, dragons, comedy, a dash of romance, fraught family dynamics, dragons, secret plots aplenty... and did I mention dragons?."


"This is one of those stories that I read in one go, the author does really well to bring out emotions in the reader, it is an exciting world we find ourselves in, and I like all the (good) characters. ."


Wow! What a brilliant introduction to the world of Rama, where the King’s younger brother, Jodathyn, longs for a life outside the palace walls and, unfortunately, gets his wish in the the most brutal way possible... But trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

AL Tippett - Author

"I always looked forward to Kieryn's point of view, and you could tell the love he had for his brother and his son and the trust he had in his brother. It was a realistic portrayal of siblings, which I don't often find in fantasy books enough.

The story was amazing,"


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