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About the Books

Fires of Retribution

Set 3000 years before the Dragon Heir trilogy, Fires of Retribution in a New Adult fantasy that explores the origins of dragons in ancient Rama. You do not need to read the trilogy to enjoy the book.


Release March 12, 2024

Never Run. Never Surrender.


Pyrah is a daughter of dragons, a royal princess, but her twin is considered empty and a blight on dragonkind. Under the empires strict laws, he's condemned to die. To save his life, they fled.

Years later Pyrah's dull life is shattered with the arrival of Prince Rhodys, a battle-dragon

famous for his brutality. In his greed, Pyrah’s husband, Chieftain of Wymeria, negotiates with the dragon prince, ignoring the warnings that he is dooming his own family.

Committed to keeping her loved ones safe, Pyrah plots a rebellion. But her plans are interrupted. She is beaten, humiliated, and her children taken. Now there’s no telling how far she'll go or what she would risk in order to get her revenge …

Torryn, an outcast among dragonkind, knows that his life-mate is becoming dangerous. Their once happy bond is now fraught with grief, lies and betrayal. When an invitation to join a rebellion against the Artrothian Empire comes from his former lover, Torryn is surprised. The last time he saw Pyrah, she scorned his affection in favour of her human husband. She’s the spark, and Torryn knows once she lights the fires of retribution, the life he built from deceit will come crumbling down.

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Son of the Crown

Book 1. The Dragon's Heir

The Dragon is Stirring

Born under three ill omens and the shadow of his mother's troubling predictions, Jodathyn Pallaurs is the unwanted son of an ancient royal bloodline. Forbidden from leaving the palace, he dreams of freedom. Jodathyn's determination to find purpose and meaning leads him to experiment with the ancient, forbidden power that flows in his veins.

When the young Crown Prince is kidnapped, Jodathyn is thrust into an unfamiliar world of violence and treachery. But a strange power he does not understand brews beneath the surface and he is forced to choose between his loyalty to the crown and his life.

From Jodathyn's ill-fated birth Kieryn Pallarus, the High King of Rama, has lied to protect his half-brother. The Crown Prince's disappearance has resulted in the call for Jodathyn's blood and Kieryn is forced to face the reality that he can longer protect Jodathyn. Will the High King choose to save his kingdom? Or will he choose to save Jodathyn?

Prince of Scales

Book 2. The Dragon's Heir

The whisper of blood and vengeance is on the wind.

Rescued from the prison ship by Mandros, the dragon of Flame and Fury, Jodathyn recovers in the idyllic Isle of Torqui. His brief respite is shattered by the arrival of Galgothmeg’s minions. Learning that Galgothmeg is in Rama, Mandros leaves Jodathyn in order to get help. But Jodathyn questions Mandros’ true motives and, desperate, he returns to the mainland to search for his missing nephew. Never did he imagine his act of rebellion would set off a chain of events that ultimately bring his secrets to light.

Born to be a soldier, Orion learned the code of honour from a young age. Now he’s nothing more than a horse thief on the run. Separated from his master, Jodathyn, he finds himself charged with the safety of the young Crown Prince. The task might very well cost him his life.

Kieryn, the High King of Rama, set out to find his missing son. Instead, he discovers the depth of the suffering of the ordinary folk in his kingdom. Realising that the great lords have lied to him from the very beginning of his reign, he knows the fight for his people is only just beginning. Meanwhile, his absence in the citadel has left Pallaryn vulnerable to his enemies.
War is inevitable.

Herald of the Dragon King

Book 3. The Dragon's Heir

Live Valiantly. Die Honourably.

Defeat isn’t something house Pallarus is familiar with. With news of the great lords’ betrayal and the loss of the royal citadel of Pallaryn, King Kieryn must align himself with Mandros and his squadron of dragons.

Preparing for war at the dragons’ side, Jodathyn begins to understand his lineage and the ancient festering wounds of his dragon family. Learning he may have another sinister connection to Rama’s ancient enemies, he realises Galgothmeg and his Grey Shadows are a distraction. There’s another ancient force wanting to destroy Rama. And it’s coming for him.

Now more than ever, he is determined to destroy the lingering legacy of Vadroil. The return to glory for dragonkind will be paved with blood. Will Jodathyn have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his family?

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