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Live Valiantly. Die Honourably.

Defeat isn’t something house Pallarus is familiar with. With news of the great lords’ betrayal and the loss of the royal citadel of Pallaryn, King Kieryn must align himself with Mandros and his squadron of dragons.

Preparing for war at the dragons’ side, Jodathyn begins to understand his lineage and the ancient festering wounds of his dragon family. Learning he may have another sinister connection to Rama’s ancient enemies, he realises Galgothmeg and his Grey Shadows are a distraction. There’s another ancient force wanting to destroy Rama. And it’s coming for him.

Now more than ever, he is determined to destroy the lingering legacy of Vadroil. The return to glory for dragonkind will be paved with blood. Will Jodathyn have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his family?

Herald of the Dragon King

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